October 2015: Vol. 3, Issue no. 3

Subject: Computing and Information Technology
IJCCIT: International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology
Issue: Year: 2015, Month: October, Vol. 3, Issue no. 3
ISSN: 2345 - 9808 (Online) and 2345 - 9794 (Print)

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IJCCIT October 2015 Contents

1: Conversion of Text from English to Indic Languages using Binary Tree Traversal
2: Telecom Data Integration and Analytics – Proposed Model to Enhance Customer Experience
3: AIDISM: An Android-based Game to Educate Individuals with Autism on Basic First Aid using Artificial Intelligence
4: Degree Synthesizer: Portable Pre-Assessment Exam for Incoming College Students in New Era University by Means of Genetic Algorithm
5: Innovative Teaching and Learning Perspective Lying on a Blended Learning Intensive English Program Writing Course
6: Mobile-based tool analyzer for parents and teacher in guiding young adolescents in using internet
7: Data Mining Approach for Analyzing Graduating Students’ Academic Performanceof New Era University – Bachelor Science in Computer Science
8: Forecasting Model for Criminality in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines using Data Mining Techniques
9: DPD Tool: Diabetes Pre-Diagnostic Tool Using Rule-Based Expert System for Mayoralgo-Vinluan Clinic
10: Sci Triv: A Mobile-Based Learning Tool on Elementary Science Trivia using Rule-Based System
11: Algebraic expression solutionizer for Android
12: Application of Predictive Model for Elementary Students with Special Needs in New Era University
13: GEODROID: Mobile application tutorial for solving Geometric problems
14: A Mobile-baed intelligent tutoring system for JAVA programming
15: Development of a Hiragana reviewer mobile game through motion sensivity
16: UPCAnalysis: Predictive Analysis of the Examinees’ Outcome in UPCAT for Rosales National High School, Philippines
17: Phonerum: An Android based-application for interactive learning and teaching method
18: Interactive Web-based System for Teaching Mathematics on High School Students in Philippines
19: A Web Based Educational Site Using Rule Based Reasoning for Primary Level Students
20: GamiNaire: A Gamified Student Opinionaire with the Use of Sentiment Analysis
21: Intravenous Line Drop Counter App Using Image Processing
22: Image Analyzing Software for Transliterating the American Sign Language (ASL) Finger-Spelling to Text
23: InMeds: An Android-Based Provision of First-Aid Guide and Emergency Treatment Instructions Utilizing Rule-Based Reasoning
24: Math Virtuoso: An Android-Based Interactive Numeric Learning Application for Primary Education
25: iSERVE- An Android Based Artificial Intelligence Emergency CP(Crime Prevention) Response System Using GPS Tracker
26: HelpShake: Android Based Helping System for Wearable Devices
27: BERN: Board Examination Reviewer for Nursing
28: Mobile-based Medical Assistance for Diagnosing Different Types of Skin Diseases Using Case-based Reasoning with Image Processing
29: PinasCP: An Integrated Web-Based Application Generating Public Transportation Routes
30: NEU E-Lib: An Automated Library Management System for Students in New Era University using Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology
31: LikeOrNah?: Aspect Extraction from Movie reviews using Rule-based approach
32: Forecasting Models for Academic Course Offering Towards a Decision Support System for New Era University Department of Computer Science
33: Guide Tristan: A Mobile Interactive Speech-Language Game Using Rule Based for Childrens with Special Needs
34: Techtionary: An Android Pop-up Dictionary Application for PDF Viewer
35: Development of Computer based Law of Supply and Demand Simulator