Invitation as Reviewer

The International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology (IJCCIT) invites the members of WAIRCO to become reviewers of IJCCIT. The members whoever are interested to become the reviewers of the IJCCIT are requested to send a request mail to: editor.ijccit@wairco.org with the subject: Request for Reviewer of IJCCIT. You must specify the WAIRCO membership number in the request mail. You may also attach your latest CV along with your mail. The Editorial board will verify the members for their eligibility as reviewer of IJCCIT and will intimate the result within 4 working days. The reviewer work is a voluntary work, hence, no remuneration will be paid to any reviewer.

Conditions to join as reviewers

1. Must be a member of WAIRCO.

2. Must have atleast 5 years of experience as a researcher. (Need not to have completed their Ph.D.)

3. Must be sincere in reviewing the papers within the time schedule given.