Manuscript Submission:

If you submit a manuscript, the International Journal of Conceptions on computing and and information Technology (IJCCIT) is on the understanding that it was not published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere and that if the work was officially sponsored, has been published by the open publication. The author must submit the necessary IJCCIT copyright release along with the manuscript. For further queries and doubts, you can contact editor.ijccit@wairco.org

All the submitted manuscripts will go under peer review by three independent reviewers after submission and the acceptance will be given when the two reviewers recommendations are positive. If the submitted manuscript is similar to other published papers more than 15%, then the paper will be put under plagiarism under the all author(s) name immediately after establishing that it is plagiarized. This is the plagiarism policy of the IJCCIT.

Copyright Forms
Each Manuscript must be submitted along with its copyright release or statement stating that that was neither published nor submitted or accepted for publication, either in whole or part in a series, professional journal or as part of a book was officially published and made available to public. It is necessary that authors provide formal written consent to publish and transfer of copyright before publication of the manuscript.

Download copyright form: IJCCIT Copyright form

The Vision of the IJCCIT is to bring out the new knowledge and technology for the benefit of the students, academicians, researchers and the professionals to exchange their views and ideas in a common platform like IJCCIT without any economic burden. It helps all the members to be up to date with the current technology and knowledge.

IJCCIT invites the authors to submit their Original and unpublished work (not under review with any other publisher) that is related to the current research areas on Computing, Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering. The manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to review and editing.

IJCCIT welcomes the submission of documents relating to any branch of the theory and practical concepts of Computing, Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering, and its applications in business, industry, and other areas.

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