November 2013: Vol. 1, Issue no. 1

Subject: Computing, Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering
IJCCIT: International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology
Issue: Year: 2013, Month: November, Vol. 1, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2345 - 9808 (Online) and 2345 - 9794 (Print)

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IJCCIT November 2013 Contents

1: Recent advances in clustering algorithms: a review
2: Fundamentals of data mining and its applications
3: Wireless sensor networks - a study of fault detection and recovery based on OSI layers
4: Object oriented model for Bank Account Number Portability
5: T-shirt brand establishment using management information systems
6: Implementation of new technique to detect occurrence of undesired events in sensitive systems
7: Static dictionary for Telugu speech recognition system
8: Efficient route repair of AOMDV for mobile ad-hoc network
9: Dynamic allocation management (DAM) of emergency cases in HIS
10: A comparative study of data mining (DM) and massive data mining (MDM)
11: A generalized method of incorporating domain knowledge into learning algorithms by creating virtual samples from proportional rules
12: Proposing an evaluating method for knowledge management implementation (KMI): Khorasan Razavi Water & Waterwaste Co. as a case study
13: The relationship between artificial intelligence and psychological theories
14: The open source cross-platform application development frameworks for smart phones
15: Extensive security on cloud data storage