May 2022: Vol. 8, Issue no. 1

Subject: Computing and Information Technology
IJCCIT: International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology
Issue: Year: 2022, Month: May, Vol. 8, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2345 - 9808 (Online) and 2345 - 9794 (Print)

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IJCCIT May 2022 Contents

1: SPARQL2Hive – An Interpretation of meta-model SPARQL inquiries using Hive
2: Comprehensive Self Dark Web Segmentation for Cybersecurity Risk Intelligence
3: Conversion of Text from English to Indic Languages using Binary Tree Traversal (English to Kannada)
4: A Comprehensive Analysis on the Evolution of Object Detection in Computer Vision
5: Building a Preprocessor CLI and Crime Rate Prediction usingTime Series Analysis