April 2015: Vol. 3, Issue no. 2

Subject: Computing and Information Technology
IJCCIT: International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology
Issue: Year: 2015, Month: August, Vol. 3, Issue no. 2
ISSN: 2345 - 9808 (Online) and 2345 - 9794 (Print)

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IJCCIT April 2015 Contents

1: Solution of coupled non-linear system by optimal homotopy analysis method
2: An Efficient Technique for Solving Gas Dynamics Equation Using the Adomian Decomposition Method
3: The Complete Number of Four Corner Magic Squares 6 by 6
4: New Approach for numerical solution of Kawahara and modified Kawahara equations by Adomian decomposition method
5: A novel hybrid feature selection via information gain based on frequent pattern analysis
6: Training Teaching Cultivation (TTC) in Information Technology and Computer Science Education
7: Towards a context-aware smart library management system
8: Inferring user image search goals under the implicit guidance of users
9: Simple filters and applications of soft sets to simple filters in BE-algebras