Instructions to Authors

The International Journal of Conceptions on Computing and Information Technology (IJCCIT) invites the author(s) to submit their type-written manuscripts prepared using MS Word and converted into PDF format by online to e-mail: ijccit@wairco.org with the subject: Manuscript submission to IJCCIT.

All the submitted manuscripts will be undergone for a peer review by three independent peer reviewers for a period of three weeks to find the quality of the submitted manuscript. The manuscript is published in IJCCIT provided the manuscript fulfills the requirement of the IJCCIT as laid out in the instructions to authors and at least two reveiwers has given positive remarks on the paper. Once the paper is accepted for publication in IJCCIT, the manuscripts will be sent to the author(s) along with the reviewer's and/or editors remarks or comments. The author(s) must prepare the final manuscript as per the remarks or comments given and submit it to the ijccit@wairco.org along with the copyright form.

Copyright Forms
Each Manuscript must be submitted along with its copyright release or statement stating that that was neither published nor submitted or accepted for publication, either in whole or part in a series, professional journal or as part of a book was officially published and made available to public. It is necessary that authors provide formal written consent to publish and transfer of copyright before publication of the manuscript.

Download copyright form: Copyright form

Instructions for Paper Submission

The manuscripts must be written in English for submission, with maximum of 6 pages and should follow our paper template available at: http://www.wairco.org/Downloads.html

The author(s) are permitted to submit additionally 15 pages if they are willing to pay the charge of Rs. 500 for economically weak countries others $40 or €30 per page at the time of publication. Authors submitting the revised manuscript need to outline separately the response to the reviewer's comments, including changes introduced to the manuscript.

The edited and accepted final manuscripts will be sent to the author(s) for the final approval before publication.

The IJCCIT is a FREE journal publication upto 6 pages. We caution the authro(s) submitted their manuscripts to IJCCIT not to pay any amount to anybody including the editors of the journal upto 6 pages. They need to pay for additional pages above 6 pages upto 15 pages.

All the manuscripts are to be submitted to: ijccit@wairco.org with the subject of: Manuscript submission to IJCCIT. Please submit the manuscripts in PDF format only.