July 2016: Vol. 4, Issue no. 3

Subject: Mechanical and Civil Engineering
IJCMCE: International Journal of Conceptions on Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Issue: Year: 2016, Month: July, Vol. 4, Issue no. 3
ISSN: 2357 - 2760 (Online) and 2357 - 2752 (Print)

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IJCMCE July 2016 Contents

1: A Soft Computing Approaches to the Complexity Management in Product Design: A Case Study of Automotive Wiring Harness Design
2: A Study on Behavior of the Shell Structure under Inner Pressure
3: Effect of critical parameters on the flow rate of a second order fluid over an inclined porous plane when the bounding surface is subjected to sinusoidal disturbances
4: Corrosion Studies of Al7075 / Silicon Carbide Composites in Mixture of Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Chloride Solutions
5: Multi-objective optimization of abrasive waterjet machining parameters using Grey-Taguchi Method
6: Multi- Objective Optimization and Analysis of Surface roughness and Material Removal Rate of Hard Turning using Coated Carbide Inserts