December 2013: Vol. 1, Issue no. 1

Subject: Mechanical and Civil Engineering
IJCMCE: International Journal of Conceptions on Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Issue: Year: 2013, Month: December, Vol. 1, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2357 - 2760 (Online) and 2357 - 2752 (Print)

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IJCMCE December 2013 Contents

Civil Engineering
1: Hydrological drought assessment in Tel river basin using standardized water level index (SWI) and GIS based interpolation techniques
2: Finite element analysis of CFRP strengthened hot rolled steel column
3: GIS based morphometric analysis of nine major sub-watersheds of Yerala river, Western Maharashtra, India
4: Implementation of active seismic control of a building frame using ANSYS
5: Impact of water resources management on agricultural water productivity
6: Effect of sodium chloride on some geo-technical properties of an expansive clay
7: Analysis of rock seismicity and present seismic zones within India
8: Alternationl of silty clay soil parameter by using chloride compounds

Mechanical Engineering
1: Potential failure mode and effect analysis
2: A non thermally equillibrium approach for CFD simulation of a pulse tube refrigerator
3: Use of fused deposition modeling process in investment precision casting - a viable rapid tooling
4: Aviation: Alternate fuel
5: Investigation of heat storage materials for temperature range of 50oC to 100oC
6: Design optimization & realization of µ motion mechanisms for on board correction of segmented mirrors
7: Thermal management of high power multiplexer for a space payload: Contoured micro heat pipe as a viable solution
8: A novel thermal compensation device using asimilar materials for a multiplexer of communication space payload
9: Various approaches to increase the aerodynamic efficiency for airfoils at low reynolds number flows
10: The prediction of stress-strain curve of near beta titanium alloy using ANN technique
11: Taguchi based simulation approach for optimization of closed die forging
12: Analysis of the damping characteristics of glass fibre reinforced composite with different orientations and viscoelastic layers
13: Overview of recent research in thermal barrier coatings for internal combustion engines
14: Analysis of an intake manifold in a multi-cylinder SI engines
15: Molecular dynamic simulation for calcuting the thermal conductivity of clay bricks
16: Numerical solution of hollow FGM cylinder subjected in thermomechanical loads
17: Study in friction stir welding of nylon 6 plates
18: Robot gripper design using axiomatic approach
19: Autobody panels by using PU-Composites
20: Automatic tyre pressure control in a vehicle