October 2013: Vol. 1, Issue no. 1

Subject: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
IJCEEE: International Journal of Conceptions on Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Issue: Year: 2013, Month: October, Vol. 1, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2345 - 9603 (Online) and 2345 - 9581 (Print)

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IJCEEE October 2013 Contents

1: Efficient Communication - Vital element for an IT project success
2: Adaptive enterprise
3: A comparative study on dynamic clustering approach
4: Image based modeling using templates
5: Modeling of genetic algorithm based fuzzy logic controller for Quasi-resonant converter fed drive
6: Review on data stream classification algorithm (Hoefding Tree, VFDT, CVFDT)
7: A modified AODV – algorithm for prevention of black hole attack in mobile networks
8: Developing an intelligent inventory control model, applying fuzzy logic and association rule mining
9: Linear regression model for edu-mining in TES
10: Exploiting mobility in mobile computing through middleware
11: A novel approach for safety stock prediction based on clustering artificial neural network
12: Performance of the DM technique on dermatology data through factor analysis
13: Knowledge extraction through evolutionary fuzzy rule for a subgroup discovery in a liver emergency department
14: Optimized DA based DWT-IDWT for image compression
15: Anomaly based intrusion detection system for high traffic network
16: MWALLET: a mobile based e-ticketing system with push technology
17: Providing efficient quality services by using ant colony based routing in mobile ad-hoc networks
18: Design and modeling autonomic aware software in UML – a control system solution