April 2014: Vol. 2, Issue no. 1

Subject: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
IJCEEE: International Journal of Conceptions on Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Issue: Year: 2014, Month: April, Vol. 2, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2345 - 9603 (Online) and 2345 - 9581 (Print)

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IJCEEE April 2015 Contents

1: Study of a DC-DC Converter with Large Step-Down Voltage Conversion
2: Modelling and Simulation For Voltage Sags/Swells Mitigation using dynamic voltage restorer
3: Design And Analysis of a 24-pulse AC-DC Power Converter By Employing a Pulse Doubling Technique for Asynchronous Drive
4: Improved power quality for renewable power generation systems presence of non linear loads
5: Optimal Placement of SPV based DG for Loss Reduction in Radial Distribution System Using Direct Search Algorithm