June 2014: Vol. 2, Issue no. 1

Subject: Electronics and Communication Engineering
IJCECE: International Journal of Conceptions on Electronics and Communication Engineering
Issue: Year: 2014, Month: June, Vol. 2, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2357 - 2809 (Online) and 2357 - 2795 (Print)

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IJCECE June 2014 Contents

1: Power optimization of GCD processor using low power Spartan 6 FPGA family - an improvement over Spartan 3 FPGA family
2: Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Based Optimally Tuned PID Controllers for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
3: Study of THD in Three phase PWM Inverter drive using Dual Stage Common Mode Filter with DC link Neutral point Capacitor Method
4: Analysis of THD in Three phase PWM Inverter Drive with Diode Neutral point method using Dual-Stage Common mode filter-A simulation work