International Academic Multi Disciplinary Conference (IAMDC - Nov' 2022)

17 - 19, Nov' 2022, Abuja, Nigeria

Call for Papers: Social Sciences

International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS - Nov' 2022)

It is important for the Social Sciences academic staffs and researchers to keep improving the advances in current scenario to be up-to-date and suitable for the required applications. The research findings must therefore be distributed among the researchers and Social Sciences communities. International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS - Nov' 2022) organized by WAIRCO (World Academic – Industry Research Collaboration Organization) and partners has been provided the opportunity for academic staffs, students, and researchers to present their research works and to be a stage for exchanging knowledge in the fields of Social Sciences.

Areas of Interest:

  Emerging Trends in:
Political Science
Public Administration
Ancient History and Archeology
Journalism and Mass Communication

  Agricultural Productivity and Agricultural & Rural Sustainability
  Climate Change and the Future
  Environment of Sustainable Human and Social Development
  Environmental Studies
  Ethnic/International Studies
  Food security, Quality and Sovereignty
  Heritage Management
  Human & Social rights
  ICT in Social Sciences and Education
  SMEs and Gender issues in the region
  Sustainable Management of Water and Air Resources
  Women in Traditional Society
  Urban Heat Island issues
  Any other topic related to Social Sciences

Sponsored by:

WAIRCO: world Academic - Industry Research Collaboration Organization

Enhanzer Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka