International Academic Multi Disciplinary Conference (IAMDC - Nov' 2022)

17 - 19, Nov' 2022, Abuja, Nigeria

Call for Papers: Commerce and Management

International Conference on Advances in Commerce and Management (ICACM - Nov' 2022)

It is important for the Commerce and Management academic staffs and researchers to keep improving the advances in current scenario to be up-to-date and suitable for the required applications. The research findings must therefore be distributed among the researchers, Commerce and Management communities. International Conference on Advances in Commerce and Management (ICACM - Nov' 2022) organized by WAIRCO (World Academic – Industry Research Collaboration Organization) and partners has been provided the opportunity for academic staffs, students, and researchers to present their research works and to be a stage for exchanging knowledge in the fields of Commerce and Management.

Areas of Interest:

  Accounting, Banking Control & Supervision
  Best Practices
  Brands and Branding
  Corporate Ethics and Governance
  Corporate Valuation and IPOs
  Design Thinking
  Disaster Management
  E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship
  Entrepreneurship Development
  Environmental Protection & Public Policy
  Finance, Economics and Hedge Funds
  Foreign Direct Investment
  Foreign Exchange Management
  Harmonization of Indian Accounting Standard with International Accounting Standards
  Hospitality Management
  HR Challenges in Covid times
  Human Capital, Creativity & Innovation
  Impact of Global Crisis in Present Scenario
  Industry 4.0
  Industrial Marketing
  Insurance and Takaful
  Intellectual Property and Rights
  International Business
  International Financial Reporting
  Internet Banking and Emerging Markets
  Knowledge Management
  Labour Relations
  Leadership, Total quality control in business
  Managing Risk, Corporate Social Responsibility
  Marketing and Market entry
  Marketing Skills and Strategies
  Networking and Outsourcing
  New Product Development
  Organized Retailing
  Quality Management and Accreditations
  Rebuilding MSME
  Recent Developments in Accounting
  Resource Management
  Rural Management
  Suppy Chain Management
  Sustainable Development
  Technology Transfer and Management
  Venture Capital and Private Equity
  Workforce Development
  Any other topic related to Management & Accounting

Sponsored by:

WAIRCO: world Academic - Industry Research Collaboration Organization

Enhanzer Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka