International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Management (ICETM - May' 2022)

12 - 14, May' 2022, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Call for Papers: Civil Engineering

The International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE - May' 2022)

It is important for the Civil Engineering academic staffs and researchers to keep improving the advances in current scenario to be up-to-date and suitable for the required applications. The research findings must therefore be distributed among the researchers and Civil Engineering communities. International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE - May' 2022) organized by WAIRCO (World Academic – Industry Research Collaboration Organization) and partners has been provided the opportunity for academic staffs, students, and researchers to present their research works and to be a stage for exchanging knowledge in the fields of Civil Engineering.

Areas of Interest:

  Biomedical waste management
  Disaster management and mitigation
  Earth quake design of structures
  Environmental impact assessment
  Green building concept
  Ground improvement techniques
  Ground water modeling
  High performance self compacting concrete
  Innovative housing design and Technologies
  Intelligent transport system
  Material handling in construction site
  Modern construction equipments and practices
  Nano technology in Civil Engineering
  New composite materials and structures
  Quality management, Control and Assurance
  Remote sensing and GIS applications
  Safety in construction
  Smart structures and Smart materials
  Soil structure interaction
  Special concrete
  Structural health monitoring and control
  Water resources management
  Waste water and Water Engineering
  Any other topic related to Civil Engineering and its Applications

Sponsored by:

WAIRCO: world Academic - Industry Research Collaboration Organization

Enhanzer Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka