International Conference on Engineering Technology and Management (ICETM - July' 2022)

7 - 9, July' 2022, Paris, France

Call for Papers: Social Sciences

International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS - July' 2022)

It is important for the Social Sciences academic staffs and researchers to keep improving the advances in current scenario to be up-to-date and suitable for the required applications. The research findings must therefore be distributed among the researchers and Social Sciences communities. International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS - July' 2022) organized by WAIRCO (World Academic – Industry Research Collaboration Organization) and partners has been provided the opportunity for academic staffs, students, and researchers to present their research works and to be a stage for exchanging knowledge in the fields of Social Sciences.

Areas of Interest:

  SMEs and Gender issues in the region
  Agricultural Productivity and Agricultural & Rural Sustainability
  ICT in Social Sciences and Education
  Environment of Sustainable Human and Social Development
  Environmental Studies
  Urban Heat Island issues
  Climate Change and the Future
  Ethnic/International Studies
  Food security, Quality and Sovereignty
  Human & Social rights
  Sustainable Management of Water and Air Resources
  Heritage Management
  Women in Traditional Society
  Any other topic related to Social Sciences

Sponsored by:

WAIRCO: world Academic - Industry Research Collaboration Organization

Enhanzer Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka