May 2014: Vol. 2, Issue no. 2

Subject: Management and Social Sciences
IJCMSS: International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences
Issue: Year: 2014, Month: September, Vol. 2, Issue no. 3
ISSN: 2357 - 2787 (Online) and 2357 - 2779 (Print)

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IJCMSS September 2014 Contents

1: Grey tourism in Malaysian Parks – a case study in Johor State
2: Implementation and Constraints of Solid Waste Reduction through 3R Thrust 1 in National Solid Waste Management Policy among Contractors Construction Industry in Penang
3: The Issues of Policy Implementation on Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
4: Saka: A Customary land for Aboriginal People in Malaysia. Case Study in Johor and Selangor
5: Are size and value anomalies spurious? A reality check
6: The Environment Of Kampung Peta
7: Practice Cultural of Orang Asli Jakun at Kampung Peta
8: A Real-time Lane Departure Warning System Based on TI-DM6437
9: The Front Vehicle Distance and Time to Collision Warning System
10: Application of statistical tools in resource allocation A Study at computational grid - GARUDA
11: TQM and Discipline management
12: Exploring the Bitcoin System: a Complex Econo-Sociotechnical Systems (CEST) Perspective
13: Role of Malaysian Local Government in Knowledge Transfer Practices towards sustainable development
14: Building information modelling (BIM) tools in design stage to assist in-time for construction project success
15: Teachers and administrators perception towards the implementation of environmental education across curriculum in primary school