Review Process

The International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences (IJCMSS) invites students, researchers, academicians and industry professionals to submit their manuscripts which is result of their original or experimental work. The IJCMSS publishes the accepted papers absolutely with minimum cost to encourage them in research activities provided they were accepted for publication by IJCMSS. The papers submitted to IJCMSS will be undergone for a review process to find the quality of the papers for acceptance to publish in IJCMSS. The review process is as below:

Review Steps

1. Each paper will undergo for peer review within 4 days after submission.

2. Each paper will be reviewed by at least three independent reviewers.

3. Reviewers will return their review comments within 21 days after receiving the paper.

4. The author will receive a notification along with the review comments within a month.

5. If the paper is accepted by IJCMSS and the author is willing to publish in IJCMSS, he/she need to submit the camera ready paper within a week.

6. The publication may take place within three issues of IJCMSS.