October 2015: Vol. 3, Issue no. 4

Subject: Management and Social Sciences
IJCMSS: International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences
Issue: Year: 2015, Month: October, Vol. 3, Issue no. 4
ISSN: 2357 - 2787 (Online) and 2357 - 2779 (Print)

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IJCMSS April 2015 Contents

1: The marketability of Aztech’s smartphon controlled wireless internet protocol (IP) camera
2: The effectiveness of on-line marketing on food business
3: Effectiveness of E-Banking services of private bank
4: The effect of brand value as perceived by the selected consumers in Trinoma, Quezon City
5: The Influence Of Person Organization Fit, Leadership Support, Fairness In Reward Allocation On Organizational Citizenship Behaviors With Job Satisfaction As An Intervening (Case Study on Health Science Institute in Surabaya)
6: Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use and Behavioural Intention to Use a Learning Management System among Students in a Malaysian University
7: Confirmatory Factor Analysis: Key Factors Influencing Online Shopping Website Among Facebook Users In Tiruchirappalli District
8: OnlineMarket Segmentation and Profiling as Competitive Advantage Tool: The Malaysian Passenger Car Market
9: Construction Contractors’ Perception on Effective 3R Implementation for Solid Waste Reduction
10: Challenges Faced by the Disabled People while Travelling in the Malaysian National Parks
11: Governance of Professional Sport Leagues: Towards a Convergence Between North America and Europe?
12: The Use of Social Media Technologies in Collaborative Learning in Higher Education
13: Effective Oral Presentations by Business People in TED: Implications for Developing CEFR Can-do Lists