June 2016: Vol. 4, Issue no. 3

Subject: Management and Social Sciences
IJCMSS: International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences
Issue: Year: 2016, Month: June, Vol. 4, Issue no. 3
ISSN: 2357 - 2787 (Online) and 2357 - 2779 (Print)

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IJCMSS June 2016 Contents

1: The Relationship between Students’ Background and Their Off-Campus Internship Conditions for Departments of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science in Technological Universities: Taking Years as Reference
2: Sponsorship in the 28th SEA Games: Sponsor Recall, Purchase Intention and Sponsors’ Corporate Image
3: The mediating role of ambidexterity between R&D and marketing with performance: The case of semiconductor industry in Taiwan
4: Effect of critical parameters on the flow rate of a second order fluid over an inclined porous plane when the bounding surface is subjected to sinusoidal disturbances
5: A Framework of Modified Knowledge Creation Theory for Teaching Practice-Oriented Module
6: Requirements Elicitation for Outdoor Learning
7: The Exploration of Privacy Concerns for Fake Page in Social Media and Its Effects to Community