February 2017: Vol. 5, Issue no. 1

Subject: Management and Social Sciences
IJCMSS: International Journal of Conceptions on Management and Social Sciences
Issue: Year: 2017, Month: February, Vol. 5, Issue no. 1
ISSN: 2357 - 2787 (Online) and 2357 - 2779 (Print)

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IJCMSS February 2017 Contents

1: Effective communication within project teams: the role of social media
2: Marketing to the Arab World
3: Impact of globalization on Indian Economy: An overview
4: Homosexual Relations Across the Globe: Is This Really A Blotch?
5: Does Entrepreneurship Drive Economic Growth?: Evidence from the BRICS
6: A study on factors influencing performance of General Insurance Companies in Mauritius- An empirical evidence
7: Determinants of Secondary School Performance in Mauritius: A Cross - Sectional Approach
8: A study on corporate expectations from present Indian Management Education: Industry – Institute Interface
9: Personality Traits and Juvenile Delinquency: A critical analysis
10: Are Foreign Workers Contributing to Growth of the Construction Sector in Mauritius?
11: Social and Ethnic Segregation of Muslim community in Matara District, Sri Lanka
12: Importance of Design Innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka
13: Representation of the school psychologist and perspectives of action: A qualitative study with teens of public school
14: Sustainable Development and Green Buildings in the State of Qatar